Dog grooming is very important for your dog's health and quality of life.  Paw Alley's groomers love their job and specialize every service to your dogs specific coat and skin needs. We recommend a customized plan depending on the breed, age, fur type, and temperament. your dog will leave our shop looking and feeling their very best.

All of our dog services include: BlueBerry facial, Nail clipping/filing, Ear cleaning and 15 minutes of brushing/De-shedding.

Bath and Tidy: Basic Bath, ( additional charges may apply for trimming of face, feet and tail )

Full grooming: Custom full body hair cut.
( All prices shown are the base price and may very depending upon coat type, condition and dog temperament. )


Dematting FeeIf your dog is severely matted we will charge extra for time spent  removing and/or restoring your pet's coat. $5.00 every 10 minutes of de matting.

$25 +
$35 +
$40 +
$50 +
$55 +
$65 +
$70 +
Small 1 - 20 Lbs
Medium 20 - 35 Lbs
Large 35 - 65 Lbs
Extra Large 70 + Lbs

A La Carte

Nail Clip/File
Teeth Brush
Ear Cleaning
Brush out/ De-shedding
Nail Polish
Hair color              

$10 +
$5 per Section

Cat Services

Bath and Nail Clipping
Bath, Nail Clipping and Hair cut
$45 +
$60 +